Guided visits at the City Hall of Brussels

Guided visits are possible at the City Hall of Brussels, in French, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Schedule of the guided visits?

13h, 15h, 17h (EN)
14h, 16h (FR)


13h, 16h (FR)
14h, 17h (EN)
15h (NL)


15h, 18h (FR)
16h, 19h (EN)
17h (NL)

15h, 18h (FR)
16h, 19h (EN)
17h (NL)
Panoramic (visit of the Wedding Hall and Gothic Hall, visit of the balcony and main tower)
15h (EN)
16h (FR)
17h (EN)

10h, 12h, 14h, 17h (EN)
11h, 13h, 16h, 18h (FR)
15h (NL)
15h30 (ES)


15 euros (adult)

25 euros (panoramic visit - only on Saturdays)

40 euros (family pack: 4 tickets for 2 adults + 2 children up to 18 years)*

6 euros (7 to 18 years)*

6 euros (student, 65+, beneficiary of the PCSW (CPAS-OCMW), inhabitant and staff of the City of Brussels)*

1,25 euros (on presentation of a valid Article 27 ticket)*

Free (0 to 6 years)*

* For discounts: the guide will ask for proof on site.

Do you know why the wing on the right of the tower is shorter than the one on the left, and why the entrance is asymmetrical? Do you know that the building still has some original parts, but that it also has many additions and restored elements?

If you want to know everything about this building, which has been the centre of political and administrative life for more than 600 years, a guided tour is essential.

Classic tour

In the company of a guide, you will learn more about the context of the different periods of construction of the building, by observing the main façade overlooking the Grand-Place and the inner courtyard. You will then go inside the City Hall to admire the various rooms, offices and galleries, and all the decorations and works of art they contain *:

  • Office of the Mayor
  • All ceremonial offices
  • City Council Room
  • Board Room, also know as the Maximilienne Room
  • Wedding Hall
  • Gothic Hall
  • Portrait Gallery
  • Grangé Gallery

* Please note: the visit may be adjusted due to the occupancy of certain rooms.

Panoramic tour

The panoramic tour offers the opportunity to discover two of the main halls (the Wedding Hall and the Gothic Hall). Visitors will then be directed to the balcony of the City Hall to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Grand-Place.

The visit continues with an ascent to the tower of the City Hall, reached by a spiral staircase. The visitor is rewarded at the top by an exceptional view of Brussels.

F.H. Drouais, Mademoiselle de Noaille, 18e © V.Everarts, 2011
F.H. Drouais, Mademoiselle de Noaille, 18e © V.Everarts, 2011

Online booking

The ticket is only valid for the time slot chosen. No refunds will be issued in case of delay or cancellation.

Book your visit via External site Tickets City Hall

Booking on site

Tickets can be bought at the monumental reception hall of the City Hall, accessible from the courtyard (via the entrance gate under the tower).

Plan your arrival 15 minutes in advance. Go to the terminal where you can book directly for the time slot and language you want, subject to availability. Cash payments are not possible.

Wait for your guide at the indicated place.

Book your visit via External site Tickets City Hall

If you can't find a slot on the booking platform or would like to visit in another language, please contact specifying your request.

The guided tour is offered in 4 languages (French, Dutch, English, Spanish) and is accessible to all audiences.

Access through the main entrance.

A lift is available for access to the first floor.

Guided tours of the City Hall (by the Museums of the City of Brussels) are available for school groups. Theme: a building that shows the power of the City in medieval times, the role and functioning of the municipal institutions today. More info:




Guided visits at the City Hall of Brussels