Climate Plan - City services

Climate Plan - City services

The services of the City of Brussels include almost 4,000 members of staff (excluding teaching staff) who manage or occupy more than 700 buildings, representing 2.3% of direct greenhouse gas emissions in the area. There are also green spaces and cemeteries, public works and urban development, IT equipment and hundreds of public contracts every year. Not to mention schools and childcare facilities.

Well aware of the major impact of its activities, the City of Brussels has set itself clear objectives with the Climate Plan: to be exemplary in its operations and to anticipate changes and crises in its services to the population.

Main objectives for the City services

Targets for 2030:

  • Train journeys of less than 8 hours will be preferred by staff, instead of air travel
  • 20% reduction in the City's digital carbon footprint compared with 2019
  • 65 fewer vehicles in the City's fleet

  • Training and involving municipal staff in climate issues
  • Adopting a sustainable procurement charter for public contracts
  • Applying a responsible business travel policy, in particular giving preference to the train for journeys of less than 8 hours
  • Adopting a policy of investing primarily in ethical, socially responsible and sustainable funds
  • Developing a carbon calculator service for City departments and the general public
  • Developing a sustainable digital strategy

All actions:

All administration initiatives (PDF, 207.53 KB) (in French)