Compost project in Brussels

The City of Brussels is committed to the reduction and revaluation of household waste and offers its residents 7 compost sites to reduce their organic waste at home. Interested in a neighborhood compost? The City of Brussels is looking for citizens who want to participate in this new project.

The locations of the 7 future compost sites will be made at the request of the citizens themselves. Residents will enjoy:

  • a free training on composting
  • support to maintain the compost site

The first compost site was inaugurated on 29 April 2023 in the 'pocket park' of the Rue du Champ de l'Eglise in Laeken.

Compost site - Rue du Champ de l'Eglise in Laeken

Food waste

In Brussels, a resident wastes almost 19 kg of food every year. That food waste, once thrown away, ends up in our garbage cans and then in incinerators. However, it can take a very different path and return to nourish our soil.

Why participate in the compost project?

  • Composting significantly reduces the amount of waste in your trash cans.
  • Composting makes it possible to avoid the purchase of orange bags, which are mandatory from May 2023.
  • Composting increases the organic value of waste generated by our food. That 100% natural process increases soil fertilization by releasing rich nutrients from our waste.
  • By separating organic matter from your food waste, the carbon in the soil increases dramatically. In this way the effects of climate change are reduced.
  • Composting fights plant diseases, greatly reducing the use of chemical pesticides.
  • Composting helps the soil retain moisture, which can reduce water consumption for watering.

How to participate in this compost project?

Send an e-mail to the following address:




    Compost project in Brussels