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Composting in Brussels

Composting in Brussels

The City of Brussels is committed to reducing and recovering household waste. 

Every year, a resident of Brussels wastes almost 19 kg of food. Once discarded, that food waste ends up in our bins and then in incinerators. However, it can take a very different route and return to the earth to nourish our soils.

Moreover, since May 2023, it has been mandatory to sort organic waste. Composting is an effective way to sort and recycle this waste.

Whether you live in a house or a flat, composting is always an option.

If you have a garden, you just need to put your organic waste on the ground or in a compost barrel (silo, bin,...) and aerate it from time to time. Nature and micro-organisms will do the rest.

If you don't have a garden, opt for a worm compost bin or bokashi. These systems are small, airtight and odourless, so you can place them in your kitchen, cellar, garage,...

You may be eligible for a bonus to purchase a (worm) compost bin

There are so many reasons to switch to collective composting, including social ties within the neighbourhood, recycling organic waste and using rich compost:

Composting in your neighbourhood?

Don't hesitate to join your nearest neighbourhood compost. More info on the different neighbourhood composts:

External siteNetwork of citizen composters (in French and Dutch)

Starting a neighbourhood compost with your neighbours?

Are you an individual, non-profit association, co-owner or company? You can apply for financial support from the Region via the call for projects External site'Inspirons le quartier'.

The City of Brussels can also help you finance your transition initiatives through the Call for climate projects by the City of Brussels.

Composting training?

The non-profit association Worms offers free training courses to teach you all about composting at home or setting up and managing a collective compost. For more info and the calendar of upcoming trainings:

External siteWorms training courses (in French and Dutch)

Skyfarms (in collaboration with the City of Brussels) offers assistance to neighbourhood composts that are already active in the City of Brussels.

Would you like to attend a free training course? Then fill in the online External siteregistration form