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Cultural festivals and events

The cultural festivals and events of the City of Brussels and the other festivals and events organized on the territory of the City.

Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST © Eric Danhier

Brussels offers lots of space for artistic creations. In order to support amateur artists and professionals working and living in Brussels, the City started Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST. During a weekend exhibition, visual artists, videographers, photographers and other digital artists get the opportunity to present three of their works to art lovers.

External site Carte de Visite - ARTopenKUNST

Hopla! © Eric Danhier

Hopla! is the festival of circus arts of Brussels. During the second week of the Easter holidays, about twenty performances of Belgian and foreign artists are being held in public space and at the cultural centres of the city. Hopla! is completely free and brings contemporary circus closer to the people of Brussels.

External site Hopla!

Guignolet dans le Parc

During summer, outdoor performances of the Guignolet puppet theatre are being held at the Bois de la Cambre. From Wednesday to Sunday, the Les Coeurs de Bois Royal Theatre company shows all the classics in the genre. To the delight of children and adults!

External site Guignolet dans le Parc

Vaux Hall Summer

The Vaux-Hall in the Brussels Park opens its doors to the public during summer. The Vaux-Hall Summer event offers a diverse cultural program: concerts, film projections, theatre, dance,...

External site Vaux Hall Summer


Classissimo is a summer festival for lovers of classical music (seasoned fans and newcomers). At the Royal Park Theatre, the festival organizes the most diverse concerts with young musicians as well as established artists.

External site Classissimo

Théâtres Nomades © Matthias Ghem

During four days in August, the Royal Park is transformed into the artistic village of the Théâtres Nomades Festival with circus tents, outdoor theatres and caravans. The festival includes street theatre, circus, fairy tales and music.

External site Théâtres Nomades

Insifon © Eric Danhier

Insifon, during a weekend in August, is one of the most important festivals for contemporary puppet theatre in Brussels. This festival (by the Les Coeurs de Bois Royal Theatre) brings together both Belgian and foreign productions.

External site Insifon


Every third weekend of September, the Folklore Festival celebrates the Brussels traditions. A folk village at the Grand-Place welcomes parades, games, tastings and other activities of folklore associations. Women, youth and foreign folklore are also highlighted.

External site Folklorissimo (Facebook)

Art+People by nuitblanche & nuitblanche.lab

The health crisis has revived the importance of social connections and changed the way we consider large gatherings. After a 3-year absence, this new version of nuitblanche, titled Art + People by nuitblanche, places residents at the heart of the creative process. Closer to citizens and more intimate, this new version aims to promote the intangible heritage of a capital city where some 180 nationalities live together.

The event will be biennial, giving creations time to take shape and allowing residents to appropriate public space.

Nuitblanche.lab, which complements the event Art + People by nuitblanche, has been supporting the creation of various artistic projects in the centre of Brussels since 2020. During residencies, workshops and other long-term research, artists collaborate with Brussels residents on projects celebrating everyday life behind the façades of Brussels.

Nuitblanche.lab highlights the creative process, in a process of co-construction and demystification of contemporary art. As a space for independent research and creation, nuitblanche.lab feeds the programming of the biennial event Art + People by nuitblanche in order to open the programming to a wider audience for one evening.

External site Nuit Blanche

The City of Brussels welcomes (and sometimes subsidizes) more than 200 other cultural festivals and events (music, performing arts, film, literature, gastronomy,...) on its territory. More info:

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Cultural festivals and events
Vaux Hall Summer