If you want to organize a demonstration or protest, you are required to ask an authorization.

According to the General police regulation (Article 42), each gathering, demonstration or parade - of any kind - in public spaces is subject to the authorization of the government.

The organizer of a demonstration must submit a written request to the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone. Based on this request, the Mayor will or will not give permission for the demonstration.

How to apply?

The online External site application for the permit must be sent online, by mail or by e-mail to the police at least 10 days before the scheduled date of the protest. The application must absolutely contain the following elements:

  • name, address and telephone number (in Belgium) of the organizer or organizers
  • topic of the event
  • date and hour of the meeting
  • the route
  • place and hour of the end of the event and, if necessary, the dissolution of the parade
  • if necessary, the organization of a meeting at the end of the event
  • an estimate of the number of participants and the transport vehicles
  • the disciplinary measures provided by the organizers

If one fails to comply with the proposed terms of the permit, the Mayor may revoke the authorization.

What is not allowed?

Such authorization shall in principle not be granted for meetings and demonstrations:

  • at the Grand-Place or the streets that arrive at the Grand-Place
  • that take place on a Saturday in some parts of the city

Demonstrations are forbidden in the 'neutral zone' (External site map at Brussels Capital Ixelles police).

What is forbidden?

Except after permission, it is forbidden to hide your face in public with makeup, a mask or any other means.

Compensation for damage to buildings

The City of Brussels grants compensation to persons who have suffered material damage to buildings as a result of gatherings or meetings (authorised or unauthorised, armed or unarmed) on its territory: