Digital Rights Charter

The City of Brussels has developed a Digital Rights Charter. This charter addresses the challenges of digitising the city of tomorrow while putting people at the centre.

The Digital Rights Charter includes both commitments and an action plan. It covers many topics: digital inclusion, accessibility of online services, digital education, data ethics, participation in the digital public space, privacy and data protection, sustainability,...

The charter consists of 5 chapters:

1. Digital inclusion, solidarity, equality and fairness

For example, the City wants to continue recruiting teachers to promote digitalisation in secondary schools, but also strengthen the assistance of the City's Equal Opportunities Service for persons with disabilities.

2. Transparency, responsibility and freedom of choice

For example, every citizen should have access to administrative services through the channel they choose.

3. Participation in the digital public space

For example: pursue citizen engagement through participation tools such as External site faireBXLsamen.

4. Privacy, data protection, safety and security

For example: guidelines for parents and children and having a document signed by them to ensure responsible use of computers at school.

5. Sustainability

For example: becoming less dependent on the lifespan of 'hardware' and services by working more with 'refurbished' or reused material.

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Digital Rights Charter


Digital Rights Charter