Digital help in Brussels

Need digital aid? There are several workshops, training courses and digital help desks in the City of Brussels to help you.

Public Computer Rooms make computers with an Internet connection available to everyone. At these rooms, you can freely use the computers and the Internet, ask for help and advice from the supervisors and follow training courses.

Versailles Quarter

The Versailles Digital Social Club is a space where everyone is welcome to explore the digital world together. Its aim is to teach people how to use computers, surf the internet and access online services. More info:

External site Digital Social Club Versailles

The External site Community Centres of the City of Brussels offer digital help. Social workers, counsellors and volunteers are present at set times to help seniors with their administrative procedures (online banking, online registration during administrative procedures, access to MyMinFin, MyPension, MyRent, MyHealth,...).

Through the Numatic project, the External site CPAS of the City of Brussels (Public Welfare Centre) offers daily digital access to people it looks after to train them in the use of the Internet and digital tools.

The City of Brussels also helps citizens access digital services or alternatives. Terminals provide access to the MyBXL citizens' portal and the appointment booking tool. The reception staff at Brucity provides guidance and assistance in its use.

The Equal Opportunities Service of the City of Brussels also offers assistance to people with disabilities in accessing online services:

The Seniors Aid Service and the External site Family and Seniors Assistance Service of the CPAS of the City of Brussels can help their target groups with administrative procedures and certain online services.

The External site Community Centres of the City of Brussels offer digital help as well.

More details are available at:

IT support in the City of Brussels




Digital help in Brussels