IT equipment for your digital inclusion project

The City of Brussels donates discarded and refurbished IT equipment to non-profit organisations that want to close the digital divide.

The City of Brussels is not only fighting the digital divide, but also wants a longer lifespan for its equipment. In this context, and in collaboration with its external IT partner External site i-CITY, the City donates obsolete IT equipment (without installed software and within the limits of available stock): desktops, laptops, screens, keyboards, mice,...

Fighting the digital divide

This refurbished equipment is distributed to associations developing ICT projects for vulnerable groups in the City of Brussels through a number of non-profit organisations with which the City cooperates. For example:

  • facilitating access to ICT in places away from Public Computer Rooms and other structures that make ICT available to the public
  • training the public in the use of ICT (basic, specific and/or advanced training) through courses and/or workshops
  • creating a mobile public digital space
  • lending out ICT equipment
  • ...

Besides schools, the City has already been able to help numerous organisations and projects by distributing 1,164 desktops and 475 screens in 2022.

How to apply?

The rules for applying for IT equipment and the application form are available here:

IT equipment for your digital inclusion project?

Created on 19/12/2023 (modified on 19/12/2023)


IT equipment for your digital inclusion project
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