Free flowers at the cemeteries

Pick your own flowers and lay them by a grave like a bouquet. This is now possible at the cemeteries of Laeken and Brussels.

Plots in both cemeteries are now sown with picking flowers for visitors, who can put together their own bouquet close to the grave on which they wish to place it. A 'short-chain approach' that achieves several goals:

  • encouraging people to use natural flowers in the cemeteries and not plastic or other artificial flowers
  • showing different types of flowers and letting people discover 'natural greenery'
  • encouraging biodiversity in the cemeteries, with different types of plants and flowers that attract pollinating insects, such as bees

Leave leaves, bulbs and roots

In the cemetery of Brussels, the plot with cut flowers is also that of the biodegradable urns (plot number 7). In Laeken, it is plot 39.

Scissors are available on site. Another important note: cut the flower but leave the leaves, bulb and roots. These ensure that the plant can grow again, bloom and give new flowers.

Created on 28/07/2023 (modified on 29/07/2023)