Good Move Pentagon: all about the new circulation plan

On 16 August 2022, a new circulation plan will be introduced in the Pentagon, the city centre of Brussels. This new circulation plan is the local implementation of Good Move, the mobility plan of the Brussels Capital Region.

The City of Brussels wants to make your neighbourhood more accessible, pleasant and safe for all modes of transport (walking, cycling, public transport or driving). Thanks to a number of specific interventions, the City of Brussels is making sure that your car or van arrives at its destination more easily. Thanks to this new circulation plan and the new parking regulations, visitors to the Pentagon are guided to the nearest car park by destination loops.

Extensive analyses have shown that one third of the car traffic in the Pentagon is through-traffic that does not have a destination. This creates air pollution, noise pollution, traffic unsafety and traffic jams. By limiting through-traffic, for example through restricted access zones and adjustments to traffic directions or one-way streets, the City is making the streets more pleasant and safer for visitors, users, schoolchildren and residents.

Next video shows the Pentagon Good Move plan (the video contains spoken text and subtitles in French and a background music):

Pentagon circulation plan map

Good Move's measures prevent through traffic from entering residential areas. This concerns measures such as changes in driving direction, the creation of small pedestrian zones or the construction of zones with limited access or bus lanes.

Check out the interactive map to see what will change for your route (click on the 'Enter fullscreen' button to open the map in full screen):

Download the maps:

Plan your route

By car, by bike or on foot: the Anyways app allows you to plan your future route after the introduction of the new circulation plan. Indicate your point of departure and arrival on the map or enter your address in the search bar at the top. You will be given the distance and duration of the route on foot, by bike or by car. For cyclists, there is a 'direct route' which indicates the shortest distance, and a 'comfort route' which avoids cobbled roads as much as possible:

For the ideal route with public transport:

The Pentagon is one of the 8 Good Move 'meshes' on the territory of the City of Brussels. Such a 'mesh' is a large neighborhood in which through traffic is reduced and where everyone can move safely and smoothly: by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot.

For example, in certain streets the traffic direction changes. The intention is to direct traffic that does not necessarily have to be in the neighborhood via the axes outside it to its destination or to one of the public car parks.

This makes life, shopping and walking in the neighborhood a lot more pleasant. The neighborhoods are becoming safer, greener and the air quality is improving.

The Pentagon will remain accessible for motorized traffic, such as local traffic, suppliers or people who want to park their car in a car park in the city centre.

In order to arrive at such a traffic 'mesh', the City of Brussels listens to residents, traders and visitors in the diagnosis and evaluation of the circulation plan. More information about the participation process:

The City of Brussels organised several neighbourhood meetings in March to inform citizens about the new circulation plan. You can find all the presentations of these meetings here:

The Mayor, the Aldermen and the mobility experts of the City of Brussels invite you on Wednesday 15 June for a final meeting about the changes in the whole Pentagon:

February - August 2021: diagnosis phase (how to make the Pentagon more pleasant, more accessible,…?

From February 2021: determining the evaluation criteria (how to evaluate the circulation plan?)

  • Consultation round with residents, traders and visitors of the Pentagon to reflect on the evaluation of the impact of the new circulation plan

September 2021 - September 2022: determining circulation measures (where to change traffic direction?)

  • Presentation of the measures: September 2021
  • Neighborhood meetings to inform residents, traders and visitors of the Pentagon about the new circulation measures in their neighbourhood: March 2022

16 August 2022: introduction of the new circulation schedule in the Pentagon

From September 2022: evaluation of the new circulation plan (how do residents of Brussels experience the new circulation plan? What is going well and what could be improved?)

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