The City of Brussels has decided to launch an ambitious reform of good governance, concerning its manner of working and, more specifically, its structures.

In order to better respond to this ambition of change, the reform includes 3 main lines:

  • good governance
  • transparency
  • expertise

These different main lines are explained in the Note on the reform of the governance of the City of Brussels. This note is only available in French and Dutch:

For a better understanding, the City of Brussels created a brochure about the structures that depend on the City (or have a connection with the City). These structures are divided into 5 categories:

The tables with all the details of the structures of the City of Brussels (City structures, hospitals and kitchens, housing, representatives, Public Welfare Centre) are only available in French and Dutch:

The cadastre of mandates of the City of Brussels is only available in French and Dutch:

The City of Brussels also publishes the documents that citizens request on the basis of the law of 12 November 1997 concerning the open government (Freedom of Information Act) in the provinces and municipalities: