Hearing loop

A hearing loop (or audio induction loop) is available at the Brucity Administrative Centre. This system is there for people coming to the counters or Brucity for a meeting or appointment.


Would you like to use the loop during your appointment in Brucity? You can mention this when making your appointment or on arrival at the reception desk.

For whom?

Are you hard of hearing and do you have a hearing aid? The loop helps improve the clarity of the sound entering the hearing aid or implant. You will need to switch on the T or M/T function of your hearing aid.

If you do not have a hearing aid: the loop can amplify the sound via a receiver. You can adjust the volume directly on the loop.


Thanks to the deaf loop:

  • sound is no longer affected by the distance between you and the person speaking to you: you hear the conversation directly in your ear. The conversation with the other person also takes place at a sound level that respects confidentiality.
  • sound is no longer disturbed by background noise: the loop filters out annoying ambient noise. You can concentrate on a single sound source and better understand the conversation.