Housing plan 2019-2024

What is it about?

The 2019-2024 Housing Plan is the plan for the development of housing, that is part of the majority agreement of the City of Brussels.

The Property Management Agency and the External site CPAS of the City of Brussels (Public Welfare Centre) have made this plan in accordance with their policy. They are now responsible for the development of the 750 future homes.

The plan currently consists of 14 projects, spread throughout the city. 469 new housing units will be added, plus the CPAS housing to reach the ultimate goal. In addition, there are also shops, adapted accommodation for people with reduced mobility and elderly, parking places, a school, spaces for associations and joint childcare, a gym and a service centre.

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What purpose?

The 2019-2024 Housing Plan is intended to develop the rental offer on the territory of the City in order to meet the ever-evolving demand.

Property Management

Through its two previous plans, more than 2000 homes were built by the Property Management Agency.

At the same time, the Property Management Agency has been tackling climate issues for several years now by offering energy-efficient and passive homes based on sustainable technologies.

Through its various projects, the Property Management Agency also ensures the functional mix of neighborhoods, with the integration of urban equipment, retail space, sports facilities, schools, daycare centres,... And it also selects its partners to offer a refined and innovative architecture.

Public Welfare Centre

The Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) focuses on its target group and primarily develops homes that are adapted to the needs: transit homes, Housing First homes, housing for single-parent families and large families, housing for different generations, modular homes,...

The CPAS strives for a social and functional mix within its homes. In addition, construction and renovations meet environmental requirements, which will reduce energy consumption and the bill of tenants.

Housing plan 2019-2024