New Marie Popelin green nursery at Laeken

From 4 October 2021, the Marie Popelin green nursery ('eco-crèche') will welcome the toddlers who previously attended the French-language 'Léopold I' nursery (located at the Avenue Neybergh).

Green nurseries?

For several years now, the City of Brussels has been committed to turning its nurseries into green nurseries. This means that it has new (passive) buildings in accordance with environmental standards, more green spaces, and it offers the toddlers and their parents even better quality care with organic meals, a zero waste approach,...

Tribute to Marie Popelin

In line with this strategy, the French-language Leopold I nursery moves to the Rue Léopold I in Laeken and opens its doors as a green nursery ('eco-crèche'). The nursery was also given a new name as a tribute to Marie Popelin. This well-known Belgian feminist was once headmistress of the 'middle school' in Laeken and in 1888 became Belgium's first female Doctor of Law.


The City of Brussels has French-language and Dutch-language nurseries. More info about these municipal nurseries (childcare services or facilities) and the registrations:

Created on 01/10/2021 (modified on 01/10/2021)