Two green nurseries in Laeken

Two green nurseries are part of the Tivoli GreenCity quarter in Laeken (since 20 August 2019). Both offer a sustainable and innovative pedagogical project. The registrations are organized by the Office of Early Childhood of the City of Brussels.

The Tivoly GreenCity project is a leading residential area in terms of dealing with the environment, urban ecology and biodiversity. In total, it includes no fewer than 400 passive houses (social and private), communal vegetable gardens, 650 bicycle parking facilities (public and private), local shops, public spaces and thus also two nurseries of the City.

Sustainable childcare

With these 2 green nurseries in its network, the City offers healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly childcare:

  • passive buildings
  • attention to water management
  • environmental friendliness of the materials used (for care, diapers, furniture, toys,...)
  • 'zero waste' through the use of orange bags for organic kitchen waste, cutlery in glass, earthenware or stainless steel, reusable drinking bottles,...
  • organically and locally prepared meals (also a vegetarian meal once a week)
  • ecological cleaning products
  • sustainable games
  • reusable diapers
  • ...

Both nurseries, which can accommodate 62 children each, are divided into 4 sections (2 for babies and 2 for toddlers). They are in line with the general pedagogical project of the daycare centres of the City. This means that they place the children at the centre of the policy, follow the own pace of the children and ensure that every child is accompanied by a regular nursery assistant. The registrations are organized by the Office of Early Childhood:

Created on 26/06/2019 (modified on 01/10/2021)