Old station of Laeken area

What is it about?

Several spaces will be redeveloped around the former station of Laeken, close to the Place Emile Bockstael, as part of the Bockstael sustainable district contract. The project involves, firstly, the construction of a section of the walking and cycling connection along the L50 railway between the Rue du Champ de L'Église and Chambon passage, and secondly, the redevelopment of the area around the former station on the other side. The Annie Cordy Park will also be redesigned with a new playground, communal vegetable gardens and an urban agriculture greenhouse for the residents of the district.

What purpose?

  • greening the neighborhood
  • highlighting the potential of vacant lots
  • strengthening social cohesion
  • connecting the neighborhoods

Information boards in the park (from 22 February to 10 March 2021)

Old station of Laeken area