Podcast. The course of water in Brussels

Vivaqua launched a series of podcasts to highlight the essential role of water in Brussels in a playful way. The podcasts are only in French and Dutch.

With these podcasts, Vivaqua invites walkers to follow the course of water in the Brussels Region, from where it is collected to where it is discharged into the sewers.

Route with QR codes

Discover this trail of water at six key locations. Scan the QR codes on the bronze paving stones and listen to the Vivaqua employees talk about their profession. Four stones have been placed at a location in the City of Brussels:

  • Avenue Lloyd Georges (opposite number 8): production of water
  • Boulevard de l'Impératrice 17-19: customer service
  • Boulevard Anspach (opposite number 101): flood control (rainwater basins)
  • Porte d'Anderlecht (in front of the Pavilion of the Sewer Museum): sewers

Listen to the podcasts

Created on 17/11/2021 (modified on 17/11/2021)
Podcast. The course of water in Brussels
Avenue Lloyd Georges (Bois de la Cambre)