Premium for the embellishment or renovation of shop fronts

The City of Brussels grants a premium for renovation or decoration works (cleaning, painting,...) on shop fronts or facades located on the territory of the City.

This subsidy amounts to a maximum of 50% of the total price of the work (excluding VAT) and is capped at 5,000 euro.


Be the owner or occupier (commercial leaseholder) of the building.

How to apply?

More info:

Municipal premium for the beautification of the façade

Required documents

Online form

  • a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the natural person(s) or the articles of association of the legal person(s) under private law
  • proof of the power of representation of the person(s) signing the application form
  • proof of the applicant's real right to the building or the commercial lease with the owner's agreement
  • proof of the applicant's registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises as a 'trade' company
  • a current photo of the shop front
  • a detailed quote for the work to be carried out, drawn up on behalf of the applicant by a specialised and approved contractor, specifying the address of the site and giving the following information: the name of the contractor, their VAT number, their registration number, their address, a description of the techniques used and the method to be implemented, as well as a list of products used
  • a full description of the work to be carried out
  • plans of the proposed works, if applicable
  • a copy of the architect agreement, if applicable
  • as realistic a projection as possible of the outcome of the works, if applicable


Regulations - shop facade premium (PDF, 199.64 KB) (in French)