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Redevelopment of the Marolles alleys

What is it about?

Redevelopment of 5 alleys in the historic heart of the Marolles quarter: Rue des Capucins between Rue des Tanneurs and Rue Blaes, Rue du Miroir between Rue Blaes and Rue Haute, Rue Saint-Ghislain between Rue Blaes and Rue Haute, Rue du Faucon and Rue de l'Abricotier. This redevelopment is part of the Marolles Sustainable District Contract.

Redevelopment plan of the Marolles alleys (2.43 MB)

Perimeter of the redevelopment of the Marolles alleys

What purpose?

The Marolles quarter is one of the most densely populated districts in the capital. However, public spaces are of low quality and the rate of impermeability is 86.90%. Moreover, with the exception of the Porte de Hal park, the district has no large green spaces.

These 5 streets have their own peculiarities but share certain characteristics:

  • The poor condition of the pavement is not comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility
  • The public space is often fragmented by small construction elements, furniture and other elements
  • Motorists do not respect speed limits (the slopes are steep and lend themselves to higher speeds)
  • The pavement is in poor condition and the poor street lighting creates a feeling of insecurity
  • Most of the space is reserved for cars and in some places the pavement is only 50 cm wide
  • The streets have little quality greenery and are subject to the urban heat island effect on hot days

In view of the above, there is a need to renew, green and make public spaces more inclusive.


The project is the result of a cocreation process with residents, traders and various associations and actors of the neighbourhood, including the Marolles District Commission. This process started in 2020 and aimed to diagnose the existing situation and define the guidelines and priorities for the development of these 5 streets. 

Specifically, participation was organised during 9 key moments over 8 months:

  • A first participation day on 3 October 2020. 25 residents and representatives of associations attended. 
  • Four street workshops on 5 and 19 March 2021. 75 people participated. 
  • A presentation of the preliminary projects on 17 June 2021. 18 people attended. 
  • Three door-to-door sessions, during which 40 people gave feedback on the project. 

Numerous comments were processed to arrive at a proposal in line with expectations and taking into account the limitations of the existing situation.

Schedule, procedure and works

The permit application for the redevelopment was submitted to the Region in December 2022 and was declared complete in January 2023. A public enquiry and a Consultation Committee will be organised as part of the procedure. The public enquiry will start on 15 February and end on 16 March.

For one month, red posters will be put up in the area to announce this public enquiry. Everyone will then be able to consult the construction file online or at the City's Urban Development Department and react to the plans. If you wish, you can also ask to be invited to the consultation committee.

At this meeting, the plans will be presented and those present can ask questions or raise objections. The consultation committee will then issue an opinion, which the project must comply with. Once the permit has been issued, works can begin.

You can consult the plans via:

React to the plans:

Redevelopment of the Marolles alleys