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Regaining Belgian nationality

If you lose your Belgian nationality, you can make a declaration of regaining Belgian nationality to get it back if you meet certain conditions. 

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • To have one's main residence on the territory of the City of Brussels
  • Have had your main residence in Belgium during the 12 months preceding the declaration, based on continuous legal residence
  • Have been admitted or allowed to reside indefinitely at the time of the declaration
  • Have not lost the Belgian nationality by revocation 

There is an exception to the condition of residence in Belgium if you have lost your Belgian nationality because you did not make a declaration of nationality retention before your 28th birthday. In that case, the application can be made from abroad, before the head of the consular post. 


  • By e-mail to stating your national number
  • By calling 02 279 34 60
  • By appointment, at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels

Submission of your complete file:

By appointment, at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels 

ID card or residence card 

50 euros 

Once the file is complete, you can make an appointment to submit it to us. We will send it to the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has 4 months to issue its opinion. If the decision is positive, you must add the administrative time needed to process and complete your file. You will then receive a call to apply for your Belgian identity card.

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Last update on 31/10/2022

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