Rules and procedures - environmental permit (certificate)

Before applying for an environmental permit (certificate), it is important to be informed about the regulations and the rules and procedures that apply to your project.

Coronavirus measures (extension of periods): pursuant to the power of attorney decisions nr 2020/038 (PDF, 312.53 KB) and nr 2020/052 (PDF, 428.55 KB) adopted by the Government of the Brussels Capital Region on 10 June 2020 and 23 December 2020, some terms of the Brussels Town Planning Code and the Ordinance of 5 June 1997 on environmental permits have been extended, depending on the date of the submission of the application, the type of application or the stage of the procedure.

Please note: on 1 September 2019, a thorough reform came into force of the Brussels Planning Code (CoBAT - BWRO) and the Environmental Permit Ordinance (OPE - OMV). This reform made major changes to the procedures for the submission, handling, delivery and appeal of planning and environmental permits (certificates): reform of town planning legislation

The rules and procedures regarding the submission, handling, delivery and appeal of environmental permits (certificates) can be consulted on the website:

For more information before submitting an application for an environmental permit (certificate):