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'Separate access' premium

'Separate access' premium

In the city, numerous floors of buildings remain still unused because of the absence of a separate entrance. The City of Brussels gives a premium (or bonus) which encourages the owners and the shopkeepers to make a separate entrance.

The 'separate access' premium concerns the territory of the City of Brussels. Lots of buildings are recognized for their exceptional historic and patrimonial value. The projects thus have to respect this heritage.

The premium is granted within the framework of an overall project that provides for the realisation of a separate access or the (re)arrangement of dwellings on floors above an area intended for commercial, artisanal or production activities or an office.

The creation of a separate access is subjected to the obtaining of a External siteplanning permit because these works can imply an adaptation of the facade and, if necessary, interior works.

The 'separate access' premium is intended for any legal entity, private or natural, which carries out works providing separate access to dwellings. The beneficiary is the holder of a right in rem on the building (owner, joint owner, usufructuary, long-term leaseholder,...) or has concluded a lease. 

  • houses situated on the territory of the City of Brussels
  • houses not having a separate access

The works for the creation of a separate access include, for example:

  • the installation of a privative door and the adaptation of the shop window
  • the creation of an entrance hall and a corridor
  • the creation of a new staircase to the first floor

Remark: the Urban Development Department will decide, case by case, if a bonus can be awarded.


70% of the amount of the works, including VAT, with a ceiling of 15.000 euros by building.

With a social housing agency

The amount of the premium is increased if the management of the housing is transferred to a Social Housing Agency or another operator whose objective is to provide social housing or housing treated as such, and also if the separate access leads to the floors of 2 or more adjacent buildings owned by different owners. In all these cases, it is 85% of the amount of the works, including VAT, with a maximum of 18,000 euros.

Send the completed application form (274.35 KB) and attachments no later than 12 months after the date of the final invoice (the last invoice containing the statements of works carried out by the company) to the e-mail address mentioned in the 'Practical info'. 

All information on the planning permits: