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Sharing your green energy

Sharing your green energy

Do you produce more green energy than you use? And would you like to sell this surplus to your neighbours instead of putting it back on the grid? The 'Bruxelles Environnement' service now offers free assistance to do so.

After all, collective self-consumption of locally produced and consumed electricity is a promising way to make the energy transition possible for as many people as possible.

Solar panels

If you have solar panels, you can use your own production, but the excess electricity produced is still returned to the grid. By setting up a so-called 'energy community', to pool production and synchronise consumption, you can share your surplus energy with the neighbourhood at a rate that is interesting for all parties.

The principle of collective self-consumption can also be applied to other sources of green energy. In the Brussels Capital Region, however, photovoltaic installations have the greatest production potential.

Free assistance

To help you do this, the 'Bruxelles Environnement' service offers specific free assistance:

Created on 01/07/2022 (Modified on 12/06/2024)