Submitting a demand for an environmental permit (certificate)

An application for an environmental permit (certificate) must be submitted to the competent authority (Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel or the municipality) and is composed of a series of required forms and documents, depending on the subject of the application. The application is not free of charges.

Please note: on 1 September 2019, a thorough reform will come into force of the Brussels Planning Code (CoBAT - BWRO) and the Environmental Permit Ordinance (OPE - OMV). This reform makes major changes to the procedures for the submission, handling, delivery and appeal of planning and environmental permits (certificates): reform of town planning legislation

The rules and procedures regarding the submission, handling, delivery and appeal of environmental permits (certificates) can be consulted on the website:

If the City of Brussels is the issuing authority, the application for a permit (certificate) is:

  • either delivered immediately at the desk
  • or sent by registered mail

to the attention of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen:

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