Submitting a demand for an environmental permit (certificate)

An application for an environmental permit (certificate) must be submitted to the competent authority (Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel or the municipality) and is composed of a series of required forms and documents, depending on the subject of the application. The application is not free of charges.

The rules and procedures regarding the submission, handling, delivery and appeal of environmental permits (certificates) can be consulted on the website:

External site Bruxelles Environnement

If the City of Brussels is the issuing authority, the application for a permit (certificate) has to be:

  • done at the counter. However, you must make an appointment in advance by telephone: 02 279 22 11. When submitting your file and/or documents, you will receive a receipt on site. The official proof of submission as referred to in the CoBAT - BWRO will be sent to you later by e-mail.
  • or sent by registered mail

to the attention of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen:

Application fees: calculated on the basis of the Fee regulation for administrative services rendered to individuals in the field of town planning (in French)

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