Citroën-Vergote Urban renewal contract

The Citroën-Vergote Urban renewal contract, which was approved on 16 November 2017, is a 60-month regional program.

The program is aimed at revitalizing a perimeter that extends over several municipalities, in particular the City of Brussels and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. The initiative is realized on the basis of real estate operations, socio-economic actions, public space and the environment.


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Max-sur-Zenne project

The Maximilian Park will be completely redesigned. The goal of this large-scale project: to improve the quality of the open space into a unique place where it is nice for everyone to rest, relax and pass by and also a place that can cope with climate change. The program for this 'Max-sur-Zenne' project includes the renovation of the entire park, the opening of the Senne over approximately 700 m, a new future for the Maximilian Farm and the optimization of mobility on the main roads.


Citroën-Vergote Urban renewal contract