Women's Rights Week 2024

This event has already passed

From 8 to 15 March 2024, the City of Brussels organises the Woman's Rights Week.

The program includes lots of activities that need to raise awareness about the role of women in our society.

The aim of this edition is to raise awareness about gender inequality from the perspective of economic inequality and violence, by addressing topics such as:

  • Gaps in women's* participation in the labour market
  • The over-representation of women* in precarious and poorly paid jobs
  • Invisible work (CARE,...)
  • Gender-related income gap
  • Gender-related pension gap
  • The economic impact of gender inequality
  • Economic violence within the couple and/or family
  • Economic violence/discrimination experienced by single-parent families
  • A feminist approach to economics cfr "Purple Economy"
  • The pink tax
  • Discrimination faced by women's* associations and companies in obtaining funds, grants, loans, credits,...

Unless otherwise stated, all activities are held mainly in French.

For each event, on request, a hearing (deaf) loop can be made available to participants by contacting egalitedeschances@brucity.be.

* Women means any person who identifies as such (also for men*)




Women's Rights Week 2024