Action plan against racism and antisemitism

The City of Brussels has made an action plan against racism and antisemitism.

This action plan aims, mainly by focusing on awareness-raising and education, to implement and/or continue measures to combat racism and protect those who are targeted by it.

Fight against all forms of discrimination

With more than 183 nationalities, Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world. It was essential to address this last part of the equal opportunities powers in the fight against the forms of discrimination linked to nationality or national origin, skin colour, descent, social origin, culture, philosophical or religious beliefs,...

Like the other action plans BXLFeminist, BXLInclusive and BXLGBTQI+, this plan is transversally conceived. The plans unite all departments under the same banner and provide empowerment to achieve a common goal: to fight against all forms of discrimination.

Action plan