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Bapa BXL: welcoming newcomers

Bapa BXL

Bapa BXL is a French-language reception agency for newcomers in the Brussels Capital Region. The agency focuses on a social policy aimed at increasing the social, economic and cultural participation of these newcomers.

For whom?

Terms of use of Bapa BXL:

  • being over 18 years old
  • being registered in the foreigners' register of a municipality of the Brussels Capital Region
  • staying legally in Belgium for less than 3 years
  • being in possession of a residence permit valid for more than 3 months


External siteBapa BXL offers the following services:

  • a friendly welcome to newcomers, listening, giving useful information about the aid and services in Brussels, about the rights and duties of all persons living in Belgium
  • a social report in the language of the newcomer to determine their achievements, socioeconomic needs (housing, living, health, work,...) and an assessment of their knowledge of the French language
  • personal social support tailored to the needs of newcomers, referral to appropriate support services (work, training,...)
  • free French courses (literacy, French as a foreign language)
  • citizenship training
  • a certificate for the completed course recognized for the Belgian nationality application

Bapa BXL also establishes partnerships with the associations in Brussels.

In Dutch?

Integration courses in Dutch: