Bonus for the vaccination of cats and dogs

The City of Brussels awards a premium for the vaccination of cats and dogs (pets) by a veterinarian. The bonus is awarded to every person with a low income who is living on the territory of the City of Brussels (1000, 1020, 1120 and 1130).

Why a bonus?

Anyone who buys a cat or dog takes it to the vet at least once a year. On this occasion, the vet examines the animal, performs a health check and vaccinates the animal if necessary. People with fewer resources often avoid this annual visit to the vet. Diseases are not detected and the (repetitions of) vaccinations are therefore not carried out, which further increases the risk of diseases.

Canine distemper, leptospirosis, leukosis, cancers, various parasites and all diseases in dogs and cats are a source of animal suffering. To avoid that suffering, you should show your animal to a vet at least once a year (on the occasion of the annual vaccination).

Amount and conditions

  • For dogs, the amount of the municipal bonus is set at 50 euros
  • For cats, the amount of the municipal bonus is set at 60 euros

The amount of the bonus may not exceed 100% of the amount on the vet's bill.

A maximum of 3 premiums can be awarded per year and per household.


How to apply?

To receive this bonus, you must complete the application form (PDF, 2.40 MB) (in French) or application form (PDF, 2.43 MB) (in Dutch) and send it, together with the requested documents, to (within a maximum of 3 months after the intervention or the visit to the vet):