Bonus for the sterilisation of domestic cats and dogs

The City of Brussels grants a bonus to the inhabitants of the City of Brussels (1000, 1020, 1120 and 1130) for the sterilisation of domestic cats and dogs

Sterilisation of domestic cats

Sterilisation of cats is mandatory in the Brussels Capital Region. Since this procedure can be expensive, the City grants you a premium for the sterilisation of domestic cats:

  • 50 euros for a male cat
  • 75 euros for a female cat

Sterilisation of dogs

The sterilisation of dogs is sometimes recommended by the vet for various reasons (certain forms of aggressiveness, protection against some cancers,...). Because these interventions can also be expensive, the City awards a premium:

  • 100 euros for male dogs
  • 150 euros for female dogs


How to apply?

To receive this bonus, you must complete the application form (PDF, 2.27 MB) (in French) or application form (PDF, 2.42 MB) (in Dutch) and send it, together with the requested documents, to: