Bulky waste collection at home

Every household living in the City of Brussels can make an appointment for the collection of a maximum of 2 m³ of bulky waste at home.

This service is limited to one request per household and per calendar year.

Applicants are allowed to leave their bulky waste items on the sidewalk, along their façade, from 8 pm on the day prior to the day of the collection.

Applicants will receive a leaflet that they will have to affix on their bulky waste, so that it is clearly identified as such, and not as illegal waste dumping.

The applicant does not have to be present when the City's teams collect the waste.

The collection will be planned as soon as possible, within the limits of operational capacity.

Accepted waste:

  • Furniture, mattresses and decorative furniture.
  • Electrical and electronic household appliances.
  • Other household waste that cannot be collected in household waste bags due to their volume, weight or nature (tools, toys,...).

Refused waste:

  • Construction and demolition waste (irrespective of the type of waste: wood, plaster, rubble, parquet floors, tiles,...).
  • Household chemicals or chemical products (gardening products, photography products, batteries and cells, medical products, printer cartridges, glues, paints, fire extinguishers, aerosols, vegetable and mineral oils,...), whatever their quantity.
  • Waste subject to bagged collection by Bruxelles-Propreté teams or which can be placed in specific containers at public collection sites (household food waste, cardboard and paper, PMC waste - i.e. plastic bottles, metal packaging, drinks cartons, organic waste, garden waste, clothing, bottles and glass containers,...).
  • Tires.

  • The person's main residence must be located in the City of Brussels
  • The person must not have submitted any other request on behalf of the household during the current calendar year

Online via:

By e-mail: info@brucity.be, stating:

  • National Register number
  • Name and first name
  • Telephone number
  • Collection address (street, number, postal code and place)
  • Detailed description of the waste

By telephone on 02 279 22 11

If you do not have an electronic identity card or residence permit: without appointment, at the Brucity Administrative Centre counter

Brucity: peak hours at the counters without appointment

Peak hours at the Brucity counters (with accessible table)

ID card

Free of charge

The collection will be planned as soon as possible, within the limits of operational capacity.

There are also various other solutions for your bulky waste (collection per quarter, collection by the Region and via the container parks):



Bulky waste collection at home