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Bulky waste collection at home

Every household that lives on the territory of the City of Brussels (1000, 1020, 1120, 1130) can make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste at home.

Every household can make an appointment once a year for the collection of a maximum of 2 m3 bulky waste at home.

You do not need to be present on the day of collection. Put the bulky waste on the sidewalk from 8 pm the day before.

How to apply?

Make an appointment:

Which waste?

Accepted waste:

  • Furniture (cabinets, disassembled furniture,...)
  • Mattresses
  • Household appliances (refrigerators, ovens, hi-fi,...)
  • Tools (lawn mowers,...)
  • Hard plastic (toys,...)

Refused waste:

  • Chemicals (garden products, cosmetics, light bulbs, car batteries, medical products, printing products, glue, paint, fire extinguishers, lighters, aerosols)
  • Clothes
  • Garden waste
  • Construction waste (bricks, plaster, roofing, tiles, parquet floors, wood, vinyl, doors,...)
  • Tyres
  • Cardboard, PMC-PMD packaging, household waste

Other solutions?

There are also various other solutions for your bulky waste (collection per quarter, collection by the Region and via the container parks):