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Charter of nightlife

Charter of nightlife

The Charter of nightlife has been developed by the City of Brussels, the Brussels Capital Region, the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone and the nightlife venues and actors involved. Operators of nightlife venues can sign the charter and thus join it.

The City of Brussels has more than 1800 restaurants, bars and discos. It therefore wants to develop a specific nightlife policy that takes into account the typical aspects of nightlife. The charter provides a framework for nightlife that connects to:

  • the quality of life in the neighborhoods
  • the prevention and safety policy for the citizen
  • the balance between night-time activities of entertainment venues and the role a neighborhood plays for its residents

Who can join?

Operators of nightlife venues that are open at night such as bars, cafes, concert and theatre halls, night clubs and restaurants can sign the Charter of nightlife and thus join it. The operators are represented at the signing of the charter by an authorized representative, for example the director or manager. The signing of the charter is based on a voluntary choice and a commitment from the venue.

What are the conditions?

The conditions for the application are determined by a number of objective criteria that demonstrate:

  • respect for the principles and values ​​of the charter
  • commitment to the fight against excessive alcohol consumption

The manager gives an honor statement stating that he respects the laws and regulations that apply to the activities of the venue.

How to join?

The application is submitted in writing by the operator of the entertainment venue via the form (annex 2 of the charter). The documents must be sent to:

Download the Charter