Public peace (city centre)

The Public Peace and Central Boulevards Service (at Bravvo) answers all your questions and offers solutions for a good neighborhood life in Brussels.

What does the service do?

  • Listening to local residents and traders: handling complaints about nuisance in the city centre with a view to a good relationship between residents, cafes and restaurants (night noise in the entertainment areas, loud music, alcohol use in public spaces, terraces that are too large,...)
  • Making observations and mediating: the service evaluates the situation and contacts the parties involved to discuss and find solutions
  • Quickly coming to a solution and developing action plans with other services
  • Dealing with sensitive topics: tackling nuisance caused by prostitution in the Alhambra quarter, gatherings of people and drug and alcohol use in public space

File a complaint?

If you want to file a complaint about nuisance or immoral behavior in the city centre, you can do so via:

Complaint form (in French)

A question about the central boulevards?

Julien Mille offers an answer to all your questions about the central boulevards: planning of the construction sites, access permits, notifications of immoral behavior, complaints,...

More info

Public Peace and Central Boulevards (in French)