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Cold wave plan

Cold wave plan

The City of Brussels set up a new cold wave plan for the winter. People who suffer from isolation or who are in a precarious situation can take their precautions and contact 0800 35 550.

Are you isolated, discriminated, unemployed, disabled or old? Or do you know a person with these difficulties? Then contact 0800 35 550, free of charge.

The plan aims at helping those who:

  • are isolated and are looking for support and regular visits to their home
  • suffer from the cold due to a faulty heater, or because they are cut off from gas or electricity, and for those who have payment problems associated with energy bills or who have difficulties to go outside or to keep a sufficiently high temperature in their home
  • are looking for a place to warm themselves, want to meet other people or just for fun, these people are welcome in the Community centres

Registration via the free number: 0800 35 550

Created on 08/12/2022 (Modified on 18/06/2024)