Each death requires some administrative steps at the municipal authorities of the place where the decease took place. It mainly concerns the declaration of death, the choice of the grave and the possible purchase of a franchise. This is a task for the family members, who can ask a funeral parlor to do this for them.

The declaration of death makes it possible to make one or more death certificates and the burial or cremation permits.

How to apply?

Required documents

  • ID card of the deceased

  • Optionally, the marriage certificate of the deceased

Waiting period

  • Immediately for the death declaration
  • 24h to 48h for delivering the burial or cremation permit

Each person can, in his lifetime, inform in writing his municipality of his last will for the mode of grave or destination of ashes. The funeral contract can also be mentioned. This information may be the subject of a declaration relating to last wishes, recorded by the municipal administration.

How to apply?

At the counter, without appointment, with next document:

This is done at the Administrative Centre - Population Service (2nd floor, without appointment) or at a liaison office of your choice.

Required documents

  • ID card


  • Free

Waiting period

  • Immediately

A death certificate proves the death and determines the identity of the deceased. This certificate is required so that the registrar may authorize the transportation and burial or cremation of the deceased.

A death certificate is issued by the City for each person deceased on the territory of the municipality. The death certificate is registered in the records of the Registry Office of the City.

Then - if necessary - the certificate is forwarded to the municipality where the deceased lived, where it is registered in the records of the Registry.

Tax for administrative costs related to any death on the territory of the City: 100 euros

The declaration of death and the death certificates are free of charge.

These prices do not include the costs associated with the services of the undertaker in charge of organizing the funeral. These amounts are preferably paid with Bancontact / Mister Cash.

  • Stay in the municipal morgue: 30 euro per day
  • Using the corpse treatment hall: 65 euro

How to apply?

Burial 5 years:

15-year concession:

50-year concession:

Additional burial in existing concession:

Renewal of the 'old perpetual concessions':



Waiting crypts (temporary placements):

  • Rent private waiting crypt with one place: 3 months: 750 euros
  • Rent private waiting crypt with two places: 3 months: 450 euros per person


  • 1150 euros for any full soil or vault exhumation (supply of the coffin included in the price)
  • 500 euros for exhumation of a full soil or vault urn