Grave concessions

How to apply?

Burial 5 years:

Request for burial 5 years (no concession free) full soil or colombarium (not renewable) (PDF, 508.12 KB) (in French)

15-year concession:

50-year concession:

Additional burial in existing concession:

Request for an additional burial in existing concession (PDF, 731.91 KB) (in French)

Renewal of the 'old perpetual concessions':

Request for a renewal of the 'old perpetual concessions' (PDF, 634.79 KB) (in French)


Exhumation autorisation request (PDF, 695.87 KB) (in French)


Rates of the concessions (PDF, 64.14 KB) (in French)

Waiting crypts (temporary placements):

  • Rent private waiting crypt with one place: 3 months: 750 euros
  • Rent private waiting crypt with two places: 3 months: 450 euros per person


  • 1150 euros for any full soil or vault exhumation (supply of the coffin included in the price)
  • 500 euros for exhumation of a full soil or vault urn