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Grave concessions

How to apply?

Burial 5 years:

Request for burial 5 years (no concession free) full soil or colombarium (not renewable) (508.12 KB) (in French)

15-year concession:

50-year concession:

Additional burial in existing concession:

Request for an additional burial in existing concession (731.91 KB) (in French)

Renewal of the 'old perpetual concessions':

Request for a renewal of the 'old perpetual concessions' (634.79 KB) (in French)


Exhumation autorisation request (695.87 KB) (in French)


Rates of the concessions (64.14 KB) (in French)

Waiting crypts (temporary placements):

  • Rent private waiting crypt with one place: 3 months: 750 euros
  • Rent private waiting crypt with two places: 3 months: 450 euros per person


  • 1150 euros for any full soil or vault exhumation (supply of the coffin included in the price)
  • 500 euros for exhumation of a full soil or vault urn