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Declaration of legal cohabitation

Legal cohabitation is a legal arrangement that recognizes 2 persons as legal cohabitants.

Make an appointment

Registration is done by appointment at the counter, in the presence of both parties. You both have to be registered at the same address in the national register and may not be married or legally cohabiting with another person. Please make an appointment for further customized information.


  • 25 euros (payment only via Bancontact)

End of the legal cohabitation

Legal cohabitation is terminated:

  • by the marriage or death of one of the cohabitants
  • by a statement at the counters, in the presence of both cohabitants ( Make an appointment)
  • by a unilateral statement at the counters (the end of the agreement will then have to be notified to the other party by a bailiff)

Please make a telephone appointment for all other questions.