Events of the City

The City of Brussels organises and welcomes numerous big events throughout the year.

Ommegang © Eric Danhier

In the Middle Ages, the Ommegang was a religious procession. The name means 'go round a church'. The people of Brussels chose the parade as major event for the reception of emperor Charles the Fifth in 1549, who came to present his son, the future Philippe II, to our regions. Since 1930 this tradition is renewed. Each year, during two days in July, more than 1.400 participants march through the streets of Brussels and on the Grand-Place to remember this major event of the city.

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Vaux Hall Summer

The Vaux-Hall in the Brussels Park opens its doors to the public during summer. The Vaux-Hall Summer event offers a diverse cultural program: concerts, film projections, theatre, dance,...

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Summer Wonders is an innovative summer concept that gets the city centre buzzing. The event turns Brussels into a real urban garden, welcoming the public to a versatile setting and a varied programme. With a touch of absurd Belgian-Brussels humour, this new formula aims to stimulate our senses and make room for nature in the city centre:

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Midi Fair

The Midi Fair, one of the oldest Brussels summer events (since 1880), is traditionally held in July and August. This traditional fair extends along the small ring road, on the Boulevard du Midi, near the Midi train station. The attractions are intended for young and old. Of course, Belgian and Brussels specialities can also be tasted at the fair.

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Flower Carpet © Eric Danhier

Every 2 years, the Grand-Place of Brussels is covered with a carpet of begonias. Officially, the first flower carpet was born in 1971 on the Grand-Place. This carpet of 77m x 24m is realized in several stages and installed by approximately 120 volunteers. It is installed only for 1 weekend (Assumption Day). The access to the Grand-Place is free. A panoramic visit (with access to the City Hall) is also possible.

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Winter Wonders © Eric Danhier

Winter Wonders, with a big Christmas market, was launched in 2001. It is organized at the Grand-Place of Brussels and around the Bourse, on the Place Sainte-Catherine, the Marché aux Poissons and the Place de la Monnaie. The access to Winter Wonders and the Christmas market is free. It includes a Christmas market with more than 200 chalets, fairground attractions (big wheel, merry-go-rounds,...), an ice rink for skating,...

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Throughout the year, there are high level sports events and matches in Brussels. For example, the City of Brussels gives its support to: