Music City Hall

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On Sunday 17 June 2018, from 1 pm to 7 pm, at the City Hall of Brussels.

The City of Brussels opens its doors to everyone and offers several melodic music concerts. Music City Hall is a meeting between the Brabantine Gothic masterpiece and some musicians from Brussels. One solo artist and six musical formations match their current sounds to the City Hall on the Grand-Place. They invite you to 20-minute concerts in the magnificent halls and the offices of the aldermen.

Many genres form the repertoire of this 2nd edition: jazz, playful and poetic songs, an original contemporary piece of music that was specially composed for the occasion, pop/rock, pop/soul, classical music, electro pop,...


13h00Salle du ConseilManu Louis
13h35Salle Alexandre le GrandLylac
13h35Salle GothiqueGlory Hole
14h10Cabinet du BourgmestreJosephine
14h10Salle MiliceTomassenko
14h45Salles des MariagesMNM Trio
15h20Salle RenaissanceJean-Paul Estievenart
15h20Salle Alexandre le GrandLylac
15h20Salle du ConseilManu Louis
15h20Salle MiliceTomassenko
15h55Salle GothiqueGlory Hole
15h55Cabinet du BourgmestreJosephine
16h30Salles des MariagesMNM Trio
16h30Salle RenaissanceJean-Paul Estievenart
17h05Salle GothiqueGlory Hole
17h40Salle MiliceTomassenko
17h40Salle du ConseilManu Louis
17h40Salle RenaissanceJean-Paul Estievenart
18h15Salle Alexandre le GrandLylac
18h15Cabinet du BourgmestreJosephine
18h15Salles des MariagesMNM Trio

Music City Hall