Swimming pool of Laeken

The swimming pool of Laeken (Rue du Champ de l'Eglise) is one of the three swimming pools of the City of Brussels.

Due to the decision of the Board of the City of Brussels of 15 September 2022 on energy-saving measures in the context of the energy crisis, the Laeken swimming pool slide is closed.

  • Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm (last ticket sold: 7:30 pm, leaving the pool: 8 pm)
  • Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 am to 5 pm (last ticket sold: 4 pm, leaving the pool: 4:30 pm), only clubs from 5 pm to 7 pm

Opening hours pool of Laeken

The lanes available in the large pool:

Available timeslots (PDF, 2.23 MB)

Please note: during school periods, certain periods of time are exclusively reserved for schools.

The swimming pools are accessible to schools, clubs and courses.

  • 1 swimming pool in the form of an L of 25 x 12.50m for competitions and training
  • 1 swimming pool of low depth of 7.5 x 12.50 m for fun use
  • 1 paddling pool of 7.5 x 12.50 m which includes a slide and a mushroom
  • 1 independent slide
  • 1 training pool of 18 x 12.50m

  • children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult (the children are under the supervision of this person)
  • wearing a bathing cap is mandatory
  • only the classic bathing suit is allowed: short slip/boxer for men and swimsuit/bikini for women
  • a bermuda, short, long boxer, pareo, skirt, burkini, combination/shorty are forbidden

If you want to benefit from the rate for people of Brussels, you must show your ID card or another official document.

Rates of the swimming pools of the City of Brussels (PDF, 111.18 KB)

Terms of sale

Subscriptions and 10 session cards will not be refunded, replaced or extended. These cards or subscriptions are by name only.

The extension of a subscription or card with 10 sessions is only possible when the installations are closed due to technical problems, works or a pandemic.

This extension is determined on the basis of the number of days the facilities were closed between the first and the last day of validity of the card or subscription.

These days are added to the last day of validity of the card or subscription.

When entering the swimming pool, people must wear classic swimwear, which is only intended for swimming.

Permitted swimwear

Shorts, bermudas, pareos, skirts, diving suits/shorties and burkinis are strictly prohibited.

Forbidden swimwear (PDF, 997.23 KB)

Payment in Zinne (the local currency in Brussels) is possible in the 3 swimming pools (prices: 1 euro = 1 zinne). For now, only the electronic version is available. Anyone can create an electronic Zinne account on the site or through the application: External site Zinne local currency.