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Road occupation permit

In order to install a scaffold, a fence, an open and/or closed container, and/or a lift on public roads, you must enter a request at the Osiris regional platform.

The Osiris regional office can help you with the administrative steps:

Waiting period

The deadline for a request depends on the importance of the work site and the hindrance it causes to mobility (persons with reduced mobility, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, emergency services, cars,...).


It is necessary to introduce on the Osiris platform the request form for the temporary occupation of the public road (205.70 KB) (completed and signed).


Occupying the public road for works is not free of charge.

The applicant for the permit or occupation must pay the following:

You will receive the invoices to be paid by post.

Commercial activities

For commercial activities on the public road (terraces, displays, bus shelters, kiosks, you have to get in touch with the Trade Unit (horeca).