Temporary protection application and registration for Ukrainians

Ukrainian nationals residing in Ukraine and third-country nationals or stateless persons enjoying protection in Ukraine and their family members may apply for temporary protection in Belgium. After this temporary protection application they can register at the municipality.

Before any other procedure, you must go in person to the External site Registration Centre (Place Victor Horta 40 - 1060 Brussels) to submit an application for temporary protection, along with your identity documents.

Please note: if you already have a residence permit in Belgium or a declaration of arrival issued by the municipal authorities, your presence on Belgian territory is covered. You are therefore requested not to go directly to the Registration Center to avoid long waiting times or to come back another day.

If you are in possession of the certificate of temporary protection and your residence is located on the territory of the City of Brussels, you can register at the City of Brussels.

Request your registration at the City of Brussels by e-mail at:

Please attach to this e-mail:

  • The certificate of temporary protection you received at the Registration Centre
  • A copy of your passport
  • And the address where you live

In the following days you will receive a call to come to the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels with these documents for the further processing of your application.

Issue of annex 15

You will receive a temporary residence document (annex 15). Annex 15 costs 10 euros. This document, which is valid for 45 days, gives you unlimited access to the labour market and social assistance. You will also be asked to give your permission for your personal details (telephone number and e-mail address) to be registered in the National Register of Natural Persons.


If the verification of your address is positive, you will be invited to apply for your residence card (card A) at the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels.

The residence card is biometric (fingerprint) and costs 25 euros.

Collection of card A

Card A can be collected approximately 10 days after the application. You will be notified of the date from which you can collect it, as you will receive the activation codes for your card at your address. You can collect the card free of charge at the Population Service of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels (without appointment).

Closure of the procedure

The issuance of the card completes your residence procedure. Card A is valid until 4 March 2023.

Ukrainian nationals can find more information on temporary protection, the short stay and long stay at:

This federal website centralizes all useful information about the situation in Ukraine and its impact on Belgium:

Created on 04/03/2022 (modified on 30/11/2023)


Temporary protection application and registration for Ukrainians