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Heyvaert-Poincaré Urban renewal contract

The Heyvaert-Poincaré Urban renewal contract, which was approved on 14 December 2017, is a 60-month regional program.

The program is aimed at revitalizing a perimeter that extends over several municipalities, in particular Anderlecht, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and the City of Brussels. The initiative is realized on the basis of real estate operations, socio-economic actions, public space and the environment.


Project call

Within the socio-economic operations, a subsidy is provided in the form of a call for projects for the development of actions to promote social cohesion and community life within the perimeter.

This call for projects, for which the application files are expected by 28 February 2019 at the latest, runs until the end of the urban renewal contract (30 November 2022). The call is directly addressed to:

  • Public Welfare Centres (CPAS-OCMW)
  • legal persons and social real estate offices
  • non-profit associations
  • companies with a social purpose
  • foundations of public utility

The project call regulation and application form are only available in French and Dutch.