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What is Good Move?

What is Good Move?
© Good Move Regional Mobility Plan

Good Move is the mobility plan of the Brussels Capital Region. The plan aims to continue the evolution towards more pleasant and accessible cities.

More and more cities are focusing on quality of life. It is an international evolution that has also been noticeable in Brussels for some time, for example through the introduction of 30 km/h zones and pedestrian zones.

Safe 'meshes' in Brussels?

Within the Good Move plan, 63 'meshes' were identified on the territory of the Brussels Region. Such a 'mesh' is a large neighborhood in which through traffic is reduced and where everyone can move safely and smoothly: by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot.

For example, in certain streets the traffic direction changes. The intention is to direct traffic that does not necessarily have to be in the neighborhood via the axes outside it to its destination or to one of the public car parks.

This makes life, shopping and walking in the neighborhood a lot more pleasant. The neighborhoods are becoming safer, greener and the air quality is improving.

Participation in the circulation plan

In order to arrive at such a traffic quarter, the City of Brussels listens to residents, traders and visitors in the diagnosis and evaluation of the circulation plan. More information about the participation process:

External siteFaire Bruxelles - Good Move (in French and Dutch)

In which quarters?

The City of Brussels is working on the following quarters that lie wholly or partly on its territory:

More info?

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