Risk of storm or flooding: number 1722

The number 1722 is temporarily activated in case of a bad weather warning. You may call the number 1722 in case of a storm or flood if you need the fire brigade but there is no mortal danger. An online form is available as well.

The emergency number 112 remains available if someone's life is in danger.

If the number 1722 is not activated, you can call the emergency number 112 to request the intervention of the fire brigade.

1722 online form

You can also use the online form:

External site 1722

This national online form handles your request in the same way as a call to 1722. The online form is the most efficient way to request help from the fire brigade in case of heavy weather in situations when no one's life is in danger. It is also reachable at all times.

More info

What to do in case of heavy storms?

External site Heavy storms (Crisis Centre)

Created on 31/01/2022 (modified on 15/02/2023)


Risk of storm or flooding: number 1722