Authorisation for a street trading stand

Around 170 street trading stands are spread across the City of Brussels, including a Food Truck Trail with approximately 11 stands, chip vendor stands, kiosks, stands for ice cream vendors, stands for matches at the King Baudouin Stadium.

The list of stands is constantly evolving. Stands are allocated on a subscription-only basis and not on a day-to-day basis. They are governed by regulations and supervised by the City of Brussels.

Different stand options are available:

  • Fixed (annual and tacitly renewable)
  • Temporary (15 days to 3 months)
  • Occasional (1 to 15 days)

Note that on the Food Truck Trail, subscriptions are on a monthly basis and are tacitly renewed unless the trader has given notice.

Be in possession of:

  • an employer's street trader card
  • in the case of a natural person: surname, first name, national ID number and address
  • in the case of a legal person: the company name, the company registration number and the address of the registered office
  • the place and day chosen by the candidate to carry out their business
  • the products the candidate wishes to sell, among those listed in Annex 2 of the municipal regulations relating to the exercise and organisation of street trading activities in the public domain of the City of Brussels
  • the type of equipment used
  • the registration number, dimensions and a photograph of any vehicle used
  • the minimum desired surface area (length x width) of the pitch

Other conditions: see regulations.

The appointment can be made online immediately after examination of your application.

More info?

By calling 02 279 25 30.

To occupy a stand at a market, fair or in the public domain, an application must be submitted to the City of Brussels.

The required documents are listed in each tender.

Food Truck Trail: candidates are free to submit their application at any time outside the call for tenders.

Minimum 6 weeks