City services closed on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 May

On Thursday 26 May (holiday) and Friday 27 May 2022 (bridge day), the City services will be closed. You can still request your documents online and on the citizen portal MyBXL, or make an appointment.


Opening a business

The City of Brussels can help a trader in the following steps.

If you want to start as an itinerant trader, the City can give you a place on one of its fifteen markets, 170 public places and 10 fairs that are organized on its territory.

Furthermore, the City can also refer you to the organizers of fairs and flea markets or other festivities that welcome street traders.

If you want to settle permanently in Brussels, we encourage you to consult the schedule of commercial development that describes the commercial needs of the quarters and presents the activities promoted by the City.

The Property Management Agency and the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) offer around 600 commercial spaces on the territory of the City:

The Brussels Agency for the Support of Business can refer you to the available empty spaces on the territory of Brussels:

Some commercial activities are subject to special regulations determined or supervised by the City: restaurants, night shops, zoning changes, trading spaces of more than 600 sqm. You have to consult these regulations before you sign your lease or make significant investments.

If you are planning to recruit staff, Brussels has a young and growing workforce. Various municipal or regional agencies can help you find the perfect candidate or analyze the applications.

The Entreprendre.brucity association informs candidate entrepreneurs about the trade areas and refers them to the appropriate services in the city:

The Local Economy Desks help candidate entrepreneurs to carry out their administrative procedures and to work out their project (strategy or financial plan) and sometimes offer coworking spaces:

For more information on other possible measures, please visit or call:

And the Brussels Agency for the Support of Business: