Caregiver parking card

A caregiver is someone who regularly, on an informal basis, looks after a close relative or friend who needs extra care due to an illness, disability, mental health problem or a dependency problem. As such, the caregiver can apply for a parking permit valid in the area where the person he or she is caring for lives.

If the caretaker is assisting several people, they may be able to obtain a multi-sectoral permit.

  • Hold a carer certificate issued by the mutual health insurance fund ('mutuelle')
  • To care of a citizen whose main residence is on the territory of the City of Brussels
  • The vehicle must be used to transport the person being cared for, carry food shopping, or perform any other task requiring a car and parking

  • External site Online form
  • Without appointment at the counter of the Brucity Administrative Centre or the liaison offices of Laeken and Neder-Over-Heembeek

  • ID (+ power of attorney and a copy of both sides of the identity document of the person concerned if the application is being made by a third party)
  • Vehicle registration certificate in the name of the caregiver issued by the DIV (Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport)
  • Sworn statement regarding the caregiver status delivered to the mutual health insurance fund ('mutuelle')
  • Caregiver certificate issued by your mutual health insurance fund ('mutuelle')

Additional documents depending on the situation:

  • For a leased vehicle: the proof explicitly mentioning the name of the caregiver and the plate of the vehicle
  • For a company vehicle: a certificate from the company stating that the caregiver is the sole user
  • For a third party's vehicle: a copy of the insurance policy stating that the caregiver is the main driver of the vehicle
  • For a car-sharing vehicle for private individuals recognised by Bruxelles Mobilité: the certificate provided by Bruxelles Mobilité
  • If the caregiver is exempt from registration in the population registers: the certificate from the Protocol Service of the FPS Foreign Affairs mentioning his or her address

75 euros for 1 year

  • 5 working days for a request by the online form
  • Immediately at the counter