Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels.


Parking permits

Different types of parking cards are available on the territory of the City of Brussels.

Coronavirus measures: the Extracts-Traffic service is accessible by appointment for urgent operations:

  • Part-time unemployed
  • Pension application
  • Certain operations in the pedestrian zone

To make an appointment, please contact the service on 02 279 62 20, or 02 279 32 70 for the pedestrian zone.

To avoid as many direct contacts as possible, you can request the following documents online at any time:

The exemption card type B - Professional is awarded to the following users:

  • 1. Companies and self-employed persons with head office or trade headquarters on the territory of the City of Brussels and any person who exercises a free or independent profession. By company we mean:
    • Any legal entity regardless of its status, including companies as defined in Article 2 of the Company Code;
    • The public and private institutions, the institutions reserved for the worship services referred to by the law of temporary worship and the ordinance of 29 June 2006 regarding the organization and operation of Islamic worship;
    • The moral assistance institutions of the Conseil central laïque (Centrale Vrijzinnige Raad) referred to in the law of 21 June 2002;
    • Non-compulsory educational institutions;
    • Hospitals, clinics, polyclinics and health centres, charities;
    • Non-profit organizations (asbl/vzw)
      Please note: for all companies, the application for an exemption card type B - Professional must be submitted by the employer/manager of the company via the certificate of employment (PDF, 300.18 KB) (in French)
  • 2. To staff members of schools recognized or subsidized by a community, as well as staff members of public day nurseries or nurseries that apply income-related rates. If the applicant is employed in several locations, the exemption card applies to the various parking sectors in which the branches are located.
  • 3. To the police officers from the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone who operate on the territory of the City of Brussels. If the officer works in several police stations, the exemption card is valid for the different parking sectors where the police stations are located.

This card is valid in the blue, green and grey zones within the allocated parking sector.

Required documents

  • The ID card or a mandate (PDF, 28.62 KB) with the ID card of the applicant in case he/she does not appear personally
  • The registration card of the vehicle at the DIV (FPS Mobility and Transport) showing that the vehicle is registered in his/her name or that he/she permanently possesses it without being the owner
  • For a lease vehicle: the proof of this lease that must explicitly state the name of the applicant
  • For company cars: the company certificate stating that the applicant is the only user
  • The statutes (articles of association) of the company or an extract from the Belgian Official Journal if the owner of the vehicle is the manager or a director of the company
  • For companies with more than twenty-five employees, the request for exemption cards for one or more parking sectors must be accompanied by a company transport plan or an approved equivalent


For users mentioned in point 1 for a parking sector, a progressive pricing is applied:

  • For each of the first 5 cards: 200 euros for 1 year
  • For the 6th to the 20th card: 300 euros for 1 year
  • For the 21st to the 30th card: 600 euros for 1 year
  • From the 31st card: 800 euros for 1 year

For users mentioned in points 2 and 3:

  • 75 euros per year per exemption card

This card is intended for the local resident with a temporary parking need or for a person who occasionally visits a resident of the City of Brussels.

This card is available at a price of 2.50 euros per period of 4h30 and is allocated per household and per year for a maximum of 100 periods.

It is only valid for the sector in which the person making the request is domiciled.

This card is valid in the blue, green and grey zones within the allocated parking sector.

Required documents

  • ID card or a mandate (PDF, 28.62 KB) with copy of the ID card of the main driver of the vehicle in case he/she does not appear personally
  • license plate of the vehicle of the visitor

The holder of a parking card is only authorized to park within the limits of the sector which is assigned to him:

List of streets per sector:

What are the rules by parking zone?

Please note: applications and extensions for type B exemption cards - Professional are only possible by e-mail or online.